Exhibition Catalogues

Inaugural Alumni Exhibition, Molly S. Hutton. Gettysburg, PA: Schmucker Art Gallery, 2007.

1st Mid-Atlantic Small Print Exhibition, Eric Denker. Washington, DC:  Washington Printmakers Gallery, 1998.


printeDCircuit, print portfolio, Washington Print Foundation in conjunction with Washington Printmakers Gallery, 2010.


“Drypoint: The Challenging-and Rewarding-Art of Drawing With a Needle on a Metal Plate,” A’Dora Phillips. American Artist: Drawing, Winter 2006, p. 6-21.

“Artist Hopes for a Featured Film Role for His Drawing,” Beau Yarbrough. Potomac News, July 24, 1997, p. D1.


The Artist’s Illustrated Encyclopedia, Phil Metzger. Cincinnati: North Light Books, 2001.


Rules of Engagement, Paramount Pictures, DeCesare’s 1992 watercolor, O Club, used as set dressing, 2000.

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Deron DeCesare

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Deron DeCesare’s hand-operated etching press.